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A No Holds Barred Approach.


WE DID IT !!!! 

I must thank all of you for your support.

You All Rock !!! 

As you know myself and many members of Mafia Wars PAC ( Players Advisory Committee) have been lobbying Zynga hard to get them to do something for the victims of the devestating storms that tore through the South & Midwest of our country.

We have seen hundreds lose their lives, tens of thousands of people have lost everything they had. The storms have left the people jobless, homeless with only the clothes on their backs. They need our help and now the Largest Social Game Company in the World has stepped up to the plate to try and help and I urge all of you to help to. I did !!! 

All we ask is that you go and purchase an in game loot item in Mafia Wars, where 100% of the proceeds go DIRECTLY TO THE VICTIMS. If you dont play this game dont worry I have sites you can go to make a donation that Zynga has partnered with. 

And here is another one for you. 

So you have 3 choices here, buy an in game loot item called the Disaster Relief Truck 112 Attack/ 71 Defense, you can also donate monetarily to Direct Relief International or Save The Children. This is your choice what you want to do but PLEASE HELP !!! 

On behalf of myself, Joanne, Tre’ & David from The Facebook and Zynga Podcast, everyone from PAC, all the many supporters from all the Zynga games & all the victims of this horrible Tragedy we just want to say Thank You ZYNGA for stepping up to the plate and hitting a home run. 


May 3, 2011 - Posted by | Blogs

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  1. Good Job Sweene! Glad you’re part of our Farmville Advocacy Team! Keep me posted.

    Comment by Samuel Ortiz | May 4, 2011 | Reply

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