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I Need Your Help To Help The Victims Of The Tornado’s In America

Hi Everyone I need all of your help today.

I am trying to get Zynga to do something for all the victims of the terrible tornado’s and bad storms across America. Well over 300 people have been killed and towns destroyed.  Billions of dollars in damage to homes as people who have survived have lost everything and they really need our help fast.

I am proposing that Zynga do some kind of event or make special loot items for all its games that people can get, to help in the effort.

All I need from everyone is for you to comment on a post that you want it too,  so Zynga will get it going ASAP.  They have helped victims in other countries and I think now is a good time to help the American Victims.

Please go HERE and comment that this is something you want them to do. This is the right thing to do and the more people that comment the better chance we will get it to happen.

Check out these images and tell me that they don’t need our help.

April 28, 2011 - Posted by | Blogs

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