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Get Satisfaction With Mafia Wars

Hi everyone, I just wanted to let you know about a little known feature in Mafia Wars and site that goes with it.  It is called Get Satisfaction.

What is Get Satisfaction ? Well it is like the forums only alot cleaner. You can go there to ask questions about the game and thing going on with the game, give praise about something good with the game, you can share your ideas on how to improve the game or a feature you would like to see & you can even go their to try and get people to join your mafia.

You can also see what the most frequently asked questions, Ideas that are under consideration, common issue people have and yes even praise Mafia Wars gets.

And it is very easy to use and navigate. Believe it or not this is also built right into the game so you can do it right while you are playing and not have to scramble to get there. All you do is go the the top left corner where it says Account / Then a drop down menu will appear with various features / then click on Feedback and it will pop right up on the screen and you can chose what you want to try and get an answer on and then click continue.

You will then be directed to a new screen which will show familiar posts to yours and ask you if you still want to make your post our join one of the topics already going on. ( Remember the bigger a specific topic is the faster you can get an answer) 

The site is run by Zynga and the employees do answer the questions as well so it it not just other players answering them. You can also search specific topics like your own if you need to and/or  just join in and add your own 2 cents.

If you go direct to the site you can connect direct with Facebook Connect so that makes life easier. You can also customize your profile and add a picture to it as well as any other information you may want to include. It is very easy to use.

Now I know you are saying my posts always get lost on the forums and I can never see if I get a response. Well guess what here you can very easily find all your posts you make and comment on by just going to your profile and checking activity. And they will all be there so you can go to what ever topic you need to that you made or commented on and see what is happening. Very nice feature.

I just want you all to give it a try as this seems to work much better than the forums and the employees do seem to keep up on this much more. You do still have to adhere to the rules like no cursing and stuff but it is definitely more structure than the forums. Check it out you might just get the answers you are looking for, here is the link http://getsatisfaction.com/mafia_wars 


April 27, 2011 - Posted by | Blogs

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