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NEW VEGAS MISSION / Against All Odds

Here we go again another mission this one is for Vegas. It is call Against All Odds. WTF!!!  They dont learn we need a break in between things but they keep slamming us one event or mission right on top of each other. Look at the numbers and the poll results Zynga !!!!  EVEN BETTER LISTEN TO OUR VOICES !!!

Your numbers are dropping like a rock, the players are leaving in droves and they continue to tell you this. Are you deliberately trying to kill the game so you can justify a sequel to the game or something? WTF !!!

Well anyways if you haven’t finished Vegas yet you are now going to have a better chance because you are going to get 3 Times the mastery when doing jobs and some new loot with good numbers for the lower level players.  Also Guess What!!! there doesn’t seem to be pop ups when you get the loot item, now if they can do it for this why not do it to the other things in the game and alot more people will be happy.

Now the big question is are they closing Vegas ??? Well Zynga has already said no back when the had the Bangkok mission but with the way things are going and the wording of this event it sort of makes one wonder.

Now here is something that has me scratching my head. I went to do the mission and it opened up fine but I immediately noticed that the experience didn’t seem right from what I saw in  The MW Loot Lady’s Blog. Hers shows she gets 2239 experience for Part 1.

While when I clicked on mine I only got 915 experience on the same mission and same part. Which make me think that the experience is based on level which would be fine if they would of told us.  I will keep checking on this one because the rewards are not worth what you need to spend to do the missions if this is right.

Well have fun with the new mission and don’t be surprised to see another stupid event as this is Easter weekend and you know we always get a holiday event. Damn I miss the good old days when I used to be able to just play the game and not have all this crap going on.

OH BTW !!! Pistol Pete of Spockholm has started a thread on the forum and wants your feedback. Check it out and leave a comment please. He has some good ideas there.  This is his message to the Mafia Wars Community.

Hello my fellow Spocktonians. If you care about the game MW. Take a moment and follow this link. I realize you will be heading into the Zyngon territory (ie. the Forums). I have proposed four solution that should spark a new found love of the game. I would like your feedback. If you agree, let your voice be heard. Thanks Pistol Pete / Spockholm. http://forums.zynga.com/showthread.php?t=1000223


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