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New Superhero’s For Mafia Wars Bring New Mystery Bags

LOOK !!! In the sky it a bird , it’s a plane, it’s a frog. Yes it’s Zyngadog !!!! Disquised as lowly shoe shine boy Marky Pincusly. He fights for no one unless a profit is to be made. When his powers gets weak he must take his super energy pack. His girlfriend the sweet Ho Molly NotSoPurebread is pimped by him regularly to help pay for his various high end loot. His motto is  ” Here I come to save the day, right after you buy these reward points !!! ”  So if you are in trouble remember ZYNGADOG will save you as long as you can pay.

That’s right Zynga has brought in Superheroes to save Mafia Wars from the Evil Dropping Numbers Threat and they bring us new mystery bags to boot.

That’s right we now have a new Special Collection, Comic Books, in Mafia Wars called The SuperHero Collection and you can collect these from the newly revamped mystery bags. What do comic books have to do with this game I will never know but the vault item is nice 20 skill points.

They have made it so new collection pieces drop in both the Red & Blue Mystery Bags. Plus they have also upgraded the other items that drop in them as well. Some of them are pretty good, like instead of getting 1 weapon part from the old bags you can get multiple weapon parts and of course there are some clunkers as well but that will never change.

The first 3 items drop from the blue mystery bags which can be gifted form the free gifts page.  While while you get the final 4 items from the red mystery bags & are those lovely pops we get while we do jobs.

Also You can get collection items from the daily take which is nice to.

So have fun everyone. LMFAO !!!!

April 20, 2011 - Posted by | Blogs

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