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First Scam Sniper Now The Bulldog Estate Gets Pulled From Facebook

What is going on with Facebook?  First they disable Scam Sniper now they completely delete The Bulldog Estate page from its site.

Earlier today I told you all about how Facebook had disabled Scam Sniper and all his admins well that has been fixed and he is back up and running. Unfortunately the admins at Scam Sniper are thinking of throwing in the towel at this point, thats how upset they are about this who ordeal.

I’m sorry folks, but this is how I feel, right now. I’ve spent more then 1 year working on this page, trying to help others and for what? To almost have it stripped from me without good reason. Now I go to look for my Partner page, “The Bulldog Estate”, and it has been stripped from it’s owner for no good reason or I should say without reason. So where does this leave me? I’m seriously thinking of pulling the plug on this page and my profile myself now. The Sniper is not happy and is wondering if he should shoot Facebook. ~For those who don’t understand what this message is about please look in the comments for my reply. The reason is there..

Well now they have gone completely removed The Bulldog Estate page another advocate on safety for the users of Facebook.

It makes one wonder what is going through Facebook’s mind when they do things like this. All these groups do is report & warn the users of Facebook about the various scams, viruses, chat jackers, rogue applications & scam pages across Facebook. Which is something Facebook should be doing to begin with.

When the owner of The Bulldog Estate contacted Facebook about the page being deleted they received the dreaded automated response :


According to our records, there is no disabled account associated with the email address you are using to contact us. If you are referring to another account that has been disabled, please contact us directly from the email address you use to log in to that account.

If you’re writing on behalf of someone else (like your child or a friend), please ask that person to write to us from their Facebook login email address. Unfortunately, we can’t correspond with you about someone else’s account for security and privacy reasons. Facebook is forbidden by federal and many state laws to take any action on or release any information an account to anyone who is not the account holder. Everyone on Facebook that is 13 years-old and above is considered an authorized account holder and thus included in the scope of this policy.

If your inquiry is not related to a warning or a disabled account, please visit our Help Center at http://www.facebook.com/help.php

The Facebook Team

Yes I know they didn’t even look at his email. They also gave him no reason why the page was removed without any notice. So now his Battle begins with them to try and get the page back. I wish you well and want you to know we stand behind you as you provide a service that is very much need here on Facebook.

I just want those followers of his blog know I have added his blog to my page, group & profile feed so you will continue to get those great warnings we all need. If you want to see The Bulldog Estate’s warnings of the various scams, viruses and other harmful things on Facebook just come to our Fan Page until they are back up and running.


April 19, 2011 - Posted by | Blogs

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