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Breaking News / Zynga’s Mafia Wars Leaves MySpace Today !!!

The love hate relationship between MySpace & Mafia Wars has finally come to an end today. 

Mafia Wars has officially shut down operations on the troubled site and is offering the current player the opportunity to transfer accounts over to the Facebook Platform at a much reduced rate then they are at now and if they already have a Facebook account a reward point compensation package based on level.

Here is the message current MySpace players get when they go to login to play :

A complete 411 on the shutdown & transfer can be found HERE. And I recommend you read this CAREFULLY & follow the instructions CAREFULLY, as if you decide to make a new account and already have one on Facebook it will replace your current one. 

MySpace players had a feeling something was in the wind as Zynga pretty much didn’t do much on the site to the game to make improvements and the game was well over a year behind the Facebook platforms current game.

I know this is going to anger alot of players from MySpace who feel they got the shaft from Zynga. They had spent alot of time and money on their accounts there and are not getting properly compensated.

The forums are exploding with everything from I hate Zynga to relief this fiasco is now over.  One player transferred his account to Facebook and went to a level 1500 with 1,400 attack & defense while he was at 13K combined on MySpace and others are happy with the rewards points they got.

So a fond farewell to MySpace and to all of you coming to Facebook welcome. I guess this explains the spider event here on Facebook, they dusted off the cobwebs from MySpace and the spiders came here and they keep popping up to let us know that.

April 18, 2011 - Posted by | Blogs


  1. i just want to be clear. it says to log out of fb first. so i do that. go to mafia wars.com, put in the pin code. it will probly ask me to log in or sign up. i put in my facebook id and it will bring me to the choice of getting a new account or reward points?? they did not do a good job of explaining this at all. just need help if anyone’s done it already.

    Comment by julia | April 19, 2011 | Reply

    • ok, that’s how you do it. go from the link on mafia wars myspace. make sure you’re logged out of fb, and everything. on the mafiawars.com page, log on with the fb icon, there will be 2 choices, new account or rp. i just did it. and i got 2550 reward points!! haha. i had about a 900 level account on myspace. nice.

      Comment by julia | April 19, 2011 | Reply

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