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Here we go again another weekend of scams, malware,  like jacking, chat jacking, photo tagging & fake events. There are over 500 million users of Facebook and it seems not all of them are too smart.

They keep falling for these stupid links and scams and get us involved because they are either too dumb to realize nothing is for FREE in this world or curiosity gets the best of them.  In any case they are making our lives miserable because they have no self control.

Facebook needs to get a handle on this  but it is very hard to keep up with how these scammers operate and come up with new exploits of the site. So it is up to us to keep ourselves safe.

If you get infected, I suggest you run your anti virus program you have, if you don’t have one there are plenty out there, I use AVG and it is FREE.

You should also change all your passwords on Facebook & your emails just to be safe.

I also recommend that you then run your spware/malware removal program. There are plenty of good ones out there and this is just one of the ones I use and it too is FREE, MalwareBytes.

I also suggest you get a program installed into your browser called Web of Trust. What this does is show you whether the link being sent to you is safe. It will put a Green circle next to it if it is safe & red if it is unsafe. This really helps you stay safe because now you know whether or not you can click that link. It comes standard with Firefox and is available for most browsers including Chrome. And this is FREE too.

Also if you allow one of the scam apps access I suggest you go to your applications and remove it. Just follow the photo instructions below.

Then you will see a list of all the applications you allowed access to and just click edit settings. This will open up all the applications and now just scroll down to find the one in question click the X next to it and this message will come up.

Now click remove and the application is removed and you will get this message.

That’s it the application is removed from your Facebook account and just an FYI you can do this to other apps you no longer use to get rid of them too. As they still have access to your information even if you don’t use them anymore so why not clean it up while you are here.

And another thing I do is put up a status message. So all my friends know how I feel about these scams and the people that fall for them. Yes it is a bit harsh but I am fed up with them all day long, everyday.

To My Facebook Friends : If you tag me in a photo w/ a rogue app I am deleting you, if you are dumb enough to click on a scam link Or fake event and it comes my way I am deleting you. I am smart enough not to fall for them so should you. Curiosity killed the cat & deleted. Sorry for being harsh but I am fed up with them. Repost this to your friends if you agree !!!

There are also ways to block these apps before they come your way and I warn you the list is long and grows everyday. You can check this LINK out and they have an extensive list as well as some sites to go to to keep up to date on the latest scams.

Be sure to join our Fan Page to keep up to date on these on these security threats, the latest Facebook news as well as happenings in Zynga games.  You can also check out our friends pages as they will also keep you informed too Facecrooks, The Bulldog Estates  & Scam Sniper . 

So I hope this helps and please share this with all your friends so they can be safe too. Have a safe weekend.


April 16, 2011 - Posted by | Blogs


  1. […] on a lot of the like jacking and chat jacking issues. I had ask for them to do this back in early April and even before that on my show. Kudos Facebook you listened to […]

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  2. give me a break. if they are so stupid to click on these links, then u expect them to understand what your saying…lmao

    Comment by Jeff | April 16, 2011 | Reply

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