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Battle of the Sexes Mock War

Battle of the Sexes Mock War starts tomorrow night! Represent!

Start: April 15th at 9:00PM Central GMT -5 Hours
End: April 17th at 9:00 PM Central GMT -5 Hours

This is the third in a series of mocks that are open to the public and supported by Zynga. There are random drawings for prizes that are given out a few days after the mock has ended.

Find the date/ time for the start of the mock:

Registration is now open!

1. Open Mafia Wars in IE or Chrome or Firefox or Safari and then UNFRAME
2. Copy & Paste the following in the address field and click the Enter button:


If you are in IE, it will pop-up a window and then take you to the manual registration page.

3. If you want to be in the drawing for free stuff, check the box
4. Click the Acccept and Register button

5. It should say Registering and then Registering Complete
6. It will list your Team name underneath when complete

The two teams are:

Men: Testosterone
Women: Estrogen

On the day of the Mock the fight list links will posted in this group  Battle of the Sexes Mock War

More detailed Instructions are here from the St. Patricks Day mock: http://mwlootlady.blogspot.com/2011/03/st-patricks-mock-war-registration-open.html


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