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Yes you read it right,  Italy Loot is now giftable !!!

I guess Zynga decided to give us an early Easter present.  They were going to do this in a couple of weeks but I guess they decided to do it today.

So get those looters going and start gifting your friends. Woo Hoo !!!


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Facebook Responds To Bullying On Its Site.

Back on April 6th I did a special report on bullying across Facebook & In Social Games on it’s platform. The response I got was overwhelming. The emails, Skype’s & other messages I got were very disturbing to say the least.

It seems like there are alot of people who have and are being bullied across the site and in the games. The bullying ranges from everything like harassing/racial  messages to being extorted by other players so they will stop attacking them.

It is sad that people have to harass, make racial statements or extort people to this to satisfy their own need for power over someone.

Facebook has made it easier to report bullies and has co founded an organization to help combat cyber bullying called Stop Cyberbullying but is that enough. I dont think so and neither do the victims.

I contacted Facebook to try and get them to come on our show to discuss this issue  & they respectfully declined at this time. Facebook’s Public Policy Manager, Nicole Jackson Colaco, did how ever issue this statement to me and I will share it with you.

Nothing is more important to Facebook than the safety of the people that use our site.  Our Statement of Rights and Responsibilities (http://www.facebook.com/terms.php), the governing document for our site, prohibits the posting of content that bullies or harasses. Facebook is based on a real name culture, where people must associate their actions with their true names and identities in front of their real world friends and family.  We maintain a robust reporting infrastructure that leverages the 500 million people who use our site to keep an eye out for offensive or potentially dangerous content.  This reporting infrastructure includes report links on pages across the Facebook site, systems to prioritize the most serious reports, and a trained team of reviewers who respond to reports and escalate them to law enforcement as needed.  This team treats reports of harassing messages and impostor profiles as a priority.

Facebook regularly participates in educational campaigns around bullying with organizations like MTV, BBC, PACER, the National Crime Prevention Council (US) Beat Bullying (UK), and many, many others. Facebook was also a founding member of the Stop Cyberbullying Coalition convened by WiredSafety.  Our Safety Center (part of our Help Center) contains FAQs on how to prevent and address bullying (http://www.facebook.com/help/?faq=16390).

We’re concerned about any abusive behavior, and have made these efforts to promote an environment where everyone on Facebook can connect and share comfortably.  We encourage those who notice bullying to report it to us, and to discuss with parents, teachers, and others in the community who can help.

Does this go far enough for the victims, NO, according them. They want more done, as right now they are seeing nothing being done, by Facebook or the social games, to those who are bullying them. The victims continue to receive messages and get harassed in the games they play and they keep asking Facebook to help and nothing so far. This has been going on for the victims, in some cases, many months.

I gave some suggestions to both Facebook & the Social Game companies on what steps they can & should take in my opinion in my other blog. I really hope they check them out and deploy them to help the victims.

I will keep on top of this as this will be an ongoing topic across Facebook & the Social Games. I am waiting to hear what the social games have to say on this and have contacted them to try and get their view on the topic and what the players can do if they are bullied in the games they have.  So stay tuned.

I have included a video below from March 10th 2011 from the White House that Facebook attended and it was very interesting. If you can’t view this video here feel free to go to YouTube to check it out.


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Battle of the Sexes Mock War

Battle of the Sexes Mock War starts tomorrow night! Represent!

Start: April 15th at 9:00PM Central GMT -5 Hours
End: April 17th at 9:00 PM Central GMT -5 Hours

This is the third in a series of mocks that are open to the public and supported by Zynga. There are random drawings for prizes that are given out a few days after the mock has ended.

Find the date/ time for the start of the mock:

Registration is now open!

1. Open Mafia Wars in IE or Chrome or Firefox or Safari and then UNFRAME
2. Copy & Paste the following in the address field and click the Enter button:


If you are in IE, it will pop-up a window and then take you to the manual registration page.

3. If you want to be in the drawing for free stuff, check the box
4. Click the Acccept and Register button

5. It should say Registering and then Registering Complete
6. It will list your Team name underneath when complete

The two teams are:

Men: Testosterone
Women: Estrogen

On the day of the Mock the fight list links will posted in this group  Battle of the Sexes Mock War

More detailed Instructions are here from the St. Patricks Day mock: http://mwlootlady.blogspot.com/2011/03/st-patricks-mock-war-registration-open.html

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