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Zynga’s Players Are Fed Up & Leaving The Games / Could The End Be Near?

Once upon a time there was a game company that put out free games that were fun to play. You would go click on things you wanted to do then just sit back and enjoy yourself.

One day an evil force came and destroyed that fun, they kept adding things, making it so you had to spam all your friends to get it done. They would add one thing right after another, sometimes 3 -4 things at once, they stopped fixing bugs in the games frustrating their players, they would add pop ups for things going on in the game every time you clicked something making it so the players couldn’t enjoy the game anymore.

The players complained about what they were doing but the evil force just laughed and added more things for them to do and then asked them to buy credits in the game so they could really experience the full enjoyment of a free game.

The players began to revolt and said we will get the evil force back. But the evil force proved to be to strong and the players in the social game kingdom had no choice but to leave the kingdom for one that really cared about them and the games they played.

The evil force just laughed and said you will be back….To be continued….


This pretty much sums up what the players are feeling toward Zynga, the world largest social game company. It seems these days they are just trying to drive players away with all the stuff they keep doing and their refusal to listen to it’s player base on the subject.

Zynga has turned what used to be fun games to play into a spamfest to get things done. The in game pop ups are frustrating as hell to the players who are trying to enjoy the games. They throw one event after another at the players most time over lapping them so there will be multiple events going on taking away from the regular game play for it base. Not to mention the in game bugs that players encounter that are never properly addressed by Zynga.

They seem to think that players have 24 hours a day to play these games and with all they throw out there you would have to just to keep up.

Zynga forums & fan pages are full of player complaints that are just ignored or they give you answers that would make a Congressman say are you kidding me. Yes it has gotten that bad.

The player base of all the Zynga games has consistently dropped over the past few months due to Zynga refusal to address the players concerns. While yes you do see new growth in some and even in new games released the fact remains they cant hold on to their player base. Not good news for the social game giant or for any company that plans on being around for awhile.

Zynga is not only losing some of the new players who get bored with the game due to its many issues but they are losing well established players who have put alot of money in the game who have just had enough with the issues and spamfests. Some of the players leaving put in $1000’s every year into the games and that starts to add up to possible big losses for the social game company

If Zynga is banking on the influx of new Facebook users to help keep them going, they better think again. Facebook can only grow so much as their are only so many people in the world and their growth has slowed too due to the many issues that Facebook has.

Even if they do get some of those new Facebook users their games are not new user friendly and the people just dont have the time for everything you need to do to build up a character in the games especially with everything else being thrown at them with in the game so they will just get fed up and leave.

Is the end near for Zynga ??? If they continue to ignore their customer fan base, continue with all the things they are doing to their games, I would have to say yes and that is a true shame.

Zynga needs to start doing something fast if it really want to survive. Some of the other social game companies are starting to gain on Zynga due to the fact that are bringing the popular Xbox & Playstation games out as social games,they listen to their fan base and fix the issues within the game. That alone keeps their fan base growing, coming back and referring their friends.

While I know I am sure to catch hell for writing this, my readers & listeners of my show know I have always gone to bat for them and I will not stop doing that. Some one had to say this out loud and let them know what is going on and how we feel.

Please feel free to comment and let them know your feelings as well. You can comment here or feel free to go to our Fan Page and post it on our wall for everyone to see.


April 8, 2011 - Posted by | Blogs


  1. Mijn complimenten! Erg nuttig artikel en duidelijke informatie!

    Comment by miljonairsmodel.nl oplichterij | May 6, 2013 | Reply

  2. I would have thought Facebook should have shut ZYNGA down by now. I guess they will when they launch their own games. I read that the graphics will out do ZYNGA.

    Comment by Chrissy | January 4, 2013 | Reply

  3. When I play Zynga poker my Pc is working so hard my game freezes.. I hate playing games in Zynga cause you never know when it’s going to freeze.. when you putting 1000.00 or more a turn in poker the very last thing you want is the game to freeze an lose your chips..

    Comment by nonya | July 15, 2012 | Reply

  4. ALL I CAN SAY IS AMEN!!!!!!

    Comment by dee ann turnmire | October 1, 2011 | Reply

  5. I play Vampire Wars and have built up a clan and belong to a VW group that I totally love. I have met wonderful new friends. BUT, because Zynga will not fix the bugs in the game, I really don’t want to play anymore. It has become so disappointing to go into my game and see that all of the bugs are STILL there, day after day, and then I also get the surprise of a new bug about once a week, which really shouldn’t surprise me at all. Some have been there since I started playing and other huge ones, like problems with gifting, have been there for weeks, completely ruining the game for everyone. I always thought this was some sort of conspiracy to get you to spend real money on the game. It just so happens that the gifting has become glitched during the last two portal events, where it is crucial to collect mission items from your clan in order to be able to complete the event, which is on a timer. By completing this portal, you receive sparkly new abilities and lots of mission items to help you out with combat and game play. So here you are, wanting to complete this portal, but having a little amount of time to do it, you can’t collect what you need because the gifting is broken, so what do you do? Spend real money to buy them yourself in order to keep playing the game. It’s ridiculous and I won’t do it. I fell for it ONCE and I will not do it again. If they want to be a game that charges money, then just come out and say you want people to pay to play. But with the amount I spent that one time in order to complete a portal (because that time, I had just started playing and had no friends to help me collect mission items, so felt I had to buy them for a good “sale” price) – for the amount i spent, I could have bought 3 games off of another website where I didn’t have to beg friends that aren’t interested in playing to join so I could upgrade stuff in my game, there are no bugs and I only have to spend money ONE TIME and the game is mine forever, and I am even able to change my avatar whenever I want, for free, without having to buy wigs and clothes, etc. I know this is a social game and I enjoy that so I don’t mind asking other people IN MY GAME CLAN to send me things. What I don’t like is being a salesman for Zynga and asking dormant players to come back so I can upgrade my workshop. If I don’t get someone to come back to the Zynga cult, I have to spend 15 favor points PER upgrade, which I don’t have. By the way, this is a sale, brought down from 30 Fp’s, as I see 30 has been crossed out! haha If you want us to spend so many favor points in the game, then give us more IN THE GAME! Because I am not going to buy them even when they are 20% off. I might consider it if the game wasn’t filled with bugs constantly and annoying the crap out of me whenever I try to play it. If the game was running smoothly and tech support was top notch and FIXED things instead of sending me the same form letters every time I write, then I might consider putting a few dollars in. I would guess we all get the same customer service letters, which contain the following information, pretty much every time: I am also a game player so I understand your frustrations, I’m sorry I do not have an estimated time frame for the fix, and the one that always pisses me off “We are waiting to see how many other accounts have been affected so we can fix them all at the same time!” ARE YOU KIDDING ME??? So I have to wait for millions of people to write you so that you know who else is having this problem? I think by the time I write in, they have a pretty good group of people with the same problem and when I say group, I mean a very large group with thousands of people in it! LOL So I think that’s a good enough amount to start with for the fix. Then, you know what the fix is, so you can fix others as they are reported. OR it is probably something that is going on throughout the entire game, so just fix everyone’s accounts. I am so tired of all of it and I’m ready to throw in the towel and stay away from any game made by zynga. If you can’t support the games you have, then why come out with shiny new ones and by now I think it’s obvious that they are very much in need of tech people. Right now, working at Zynga is a breeze. Send out some fill in the blank form letters in the morning and then maybe give away some in game items to keep people from leaving flaming poo on the doorstep of the Zynga offices, then take a long break until about 5 PM. Phew! Glad that day’s over.

    Comment by Renee | September 24, 2011 | Reply

  6. I think Zynga wanted to do us a service by waking us all up as to how silly their stupid little games really are. The only benefit I got from the games is what Facebook provided and that is a lot of new friends. Zynga’s owners want to hurry up and go public with the company before they go bankrupt so they can bail on the company with their golden parachutes and leave a bunch of hoodwinked investors holding their bag of crap.

    Comment by CV | August 6, 2011 | Reply

  7. Zynga & their generic mesages….they took us our loot ….now we will see what will hapend when people don’t buy their rp’s anymore?I’m just curious how will that afect on their numbers now…I like to say that everyone have a boss even THEY!!!

    Comment by Marija Dencic | August 6, 2011 | Reply

  8. […] [Zynga's Players Are Fed Up]  \  [Fear Facebook] […]

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  9. I gave up of my MW account long ago, now app removed and blocked, i was just upset with so many “ASK FRIENDS” (something very common in Zynga) and over-spam on my screen, when i started to play the game it was just awesome, doing jobs freely and fighting, now is just a bunch of windows telling me to buy items, to put money on the game…

    I even must say, i played other games as well, such as Frontierville and CItyville, and i gave up on them really fast, why? simple, too many bugs(one that was REALLY pissing me off, was that on Frontierville i was doing all my tasks during the game and suddenly i was recieving message that they lost sync to the game, and then they were refreshing, when it was back to normal, i was without ALL my energy and all the tasks i did were undone, and they were “telling me” to buy horseshoes), that they dont care if you are not a paying customer and too many “ASK FRIENDS” dont get me wrong, but i play games for around 15 years(yes im a gamer and i dont care, is not a crime anyway), and all that i can say about Zynga is that the games DO NOT LET YOU PLAY, the game is always forcing you to ask the others for stuff, to put money, otherwise you just get stucked, they just dont seem to have any sense to interact with friends nor greed to “force” you to buy their virtual money all the time.

    All that i wanted from such games, was just to relax and play it ocassionally (and im 1000% sure that many people think like this), not to be forced to do things i dont want or see my game screen filled with pop ups to buy something.

    Goodbye Zynga, your greed and non-care for your customers (now even the paying-customers) will be the death of you!

    Comment by Felipe | April 13, 2011 | Reply

  10. […] seems I hit a cord with the Zynga Games Community with my blog yesterday. It seems from all the Skypes, emails and comments that they are all upset with […]

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    • Well… the blog is true. And I support it completly
      I did send it to many fellow gamers.. and every single one does agree.

      Mafia Wars should be renamed to “HELP ME PLEASE-VILLE”
      Many of my friends did quite the past months, or gave away their account, or even deleted it.

      I mainly run the spockholm programm to game, collecting the items for the loot things I stopped….
      So what is the fun… so many good other games..

      But let me bring up 3 issue’s to prove the blog is right.
      1: the declare war issue. So many still have that they can not declare war all off an sudden. Specialy frustrating when you need it for your ingame mission.. you feel Zynga’d. Zynga prommised that they would repair it… that was in November .. 5 months ago.

      2: People report that they have in game missions… that need them to do jobs in.. Cuba?!
      Hello release management department.. somebody home?!

      3: I am stuck on an ingame Brazil mission. I need to complete 2 jobs.. I did complete the whole tier and nothing happend.. I was told that I should mail Zynga so they could do it… I thought.. lets see how fast they fix it, so I did not mail them, that was about 2 weeks ago.. still no permanent fix.

      I rest my case…. going to sit in the spring sunset … not in farmville or help me please ville.. but in my own real garden..

      Greetings to you all, fellow addicted gamers… With regards, Arnout Schouten – from the Netherlands

      Comment by Arnout | April 9, 2011 | Reply

  11. Zynga runs this game for a profit yet the are driving the people who spend away from the game.
    I am underboss at a fighting clan with a lot of heavy spenders who are getting disalusioned and talking of quitting. They spent money to build a character to fight. Not to collet broken teeth to get a weapon, not to have pop ups in the middle of an ice and certainly not to spend 2 hours collecting gifts.
    If zynga continues the spenders will leave this game and the game will die.
    Get back to what mafia wars was about a fighting game. Let us come on fight do our jobs and enjoy not waste 2 hours of our time on nonesense and lose ices because of pop ups. I mean how basic is it? How hard to understand. The main focus of this game is fighting why interupt that?

    Comment by Dominic Mills | April 9, 2011 | Reply

  12. I refuse to play any Zynga Game” especially Mafia Wars!” The people at Zynga have ruined MW’s…as well as the “Diehard 24/7 CC players!” It’s just not fun anymore, like it was 2 years ago when I started…The game is completely un-balanced, predictable, repetitious, and really boring for me now…. Corporate greed has played a major factor in the massive failure of MW’s as the rest of the other Zynga titles…Plus their are way to many better social games that have come out, over the past 8 months from established gaming companies like Electronic Arts, Digital Chocolate, etc…Screw Zynga, they had their opportunity to listen to the players, and they BLEW IT! ….all MW’s is now is a colossal waste of time and money! ~Evil Ed

    Comment by Ed Green | April 9, 2011 | Reply

  13. Zynga needs to listen! We do NOT want to BEG all our friends to help on these damn missions, etc… we can not continue to take the amount of time that it takes to play this game, lets get back to fighting, leveling up, and doing jobs!

    Comment by greg hartwig | April 9, 2011 | Reply

  14. I really appreciate your post!! I use to invest in reward points but now I find it exhausting to play!! I have to beg for things and get cut off at a point of 5 when I try to return a favor. I get cut off when returning gifts but they encourage that we must always have things to collect and send!!?? I am really getting peaved because I play on a laptop and everything they add locks me up and I hate not being able to help as quickly!! I also used to have fun meeting people but they constantly have me checking back at pages to try to keep up!! NOT fun at all!! I hope they hear you!!!!

    Comment by Suzy Miller-Childers | April 8, 2011 | Reply

  15. I think it was said very good. I am the GF of [BUR] and if it wasn’t for running the clan, I would of already blocked the game. Frustrations have put me to the point of seriously leaving the game several times. I have watched several clan members leave in recent months because they just don’t have fun with it any more. the only thing that came out of all this is the great people I have met through the years like you and Joanne. I have a great group of friends in my clan. But if things continue our common friendship will be that we USE to play the same game together.

    Comment by Jeff | April 8, 2011 | Reply

    • U forgot to take my name Jeff 🙂 ……Zynga had helped me in getting my long lost brother playing the same crap as I was …lol ……I seriously want 2 leave this game but i have so many friends with this game now that i just cant do it ……

      Comment by Rahul | April 8, 2011 | Reply

  16. I’m done

    Comment by Cheryl | April 8, 2011 | Reply

  17. I would leave right now except that I have thousands invested in the stupid game. So, while I won’t leave, I am no longer a slave to Zynga’s constant spam demands and “buy more reward points” bullshit.

    Comment by Allie | April 8, 2011 | Reply

    • The more chips you buy, the faster you lose them, thats how the game its programmed to do. I also left the tables and removed the app from facebook finally.

      Comment by ktchoy | July 23, 2012 | Reply

  18. That is exactly why [VERITAS], one of the major MW clans for over two years, is shutting its doors this weekend. The game that we loved for so long is no more.

    Comment by Angela | April 8, 2011 | Reply

  19. I gave Mafia wars up about 2 months ago for those reasons…I’m not looking back. Played from almost the start of the game..just several months in.

    Comment by Helen | April 8, 2011 | Reply

  20. This pretty much sums it up. One of my Mafia Wars mentors walked away a couple days ago after playing the game from the first day it was launched on facebook. He had well over $10,000 invested in his account.

    Most people i know are just hanging on by a thread , including me.

    Comment by Jim | April 8, 2011 | Reply

  21. well i shut down mw today…to much clicking just to keep up. adios Zynga

    Comment by Janni Pedersen | April 8, 2011 | Reply

  22. John you have summed up the complaints of so many. Would have left already except for the wonderful friends I have made through the game.

    Comment by Pauline Thomas | April 8, 2011 | Reply

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