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New Mafia Wars Event / Plus A Warning Of Mafia Wars Scam Gifts

Here we go again another gifting event before one ends. Now we have a spam event called Cyber Warfare.

It is just like all the others have your friends send you gifts and beg them to send them back. But first you need to wait for each one to open so you can do it. I hope this is the gifting event that Blue Eyed Nate was talking about that was already bagged & tagged. So are we !!!

I know you are all asking for a break between events and I will tell you we are fighting along side of you for it as well.  So if you are bored with the events all I can say is just dont do it if you dont want to.

Also since when did Mafia Wars become Spy Wars, first we have to collect False Identities now this. GEEZ !!!

Now on to something serious I want to warn you of. There are SCAM LINKS going around asking you to claim “DEADLY SPIDER BITE” WEAPON FOR 200 Attack & 200 Defense.  There is NO SUCH THING. REAL “SPIDER BITE” IN THE GAME IS 55 A & 94 D.

The other one is asking you to claim a secret stash of Harbinger 280 Attack. The only way to get a REAL Harbinger is to become a Platinum Loyalty Player and it is the gift you can get there. THERE IS NO OTHER WAY.

Do not click on them and you can tell they are fakes when you look at the red boxes of where they come from, if it was real it would say they are coming via Mafia Wars Game.

Clicking these, you open yourself up for hackers to get access to your account and possibly maleware for you PC. So be smart if it looks too good to be true it usually is. Be smart, do you really think Zynga will be giving loot like this away. I DONT THINK SO !!!

So be safe out there.

April 7, 2011 - Posted by | Blogs

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