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New Event In Mafia Wars / Beat The Devs Boss Fight

Here We Go !!! The April fools Day Event we were all waiting for. The chance to get back at the developers of Mafia Wars who make the game we love to hate with the {BEAT THE DEVS} Boss Fight.

This is an Event I original thought of back in November and put in my blog, but things changed along the way and this was presented to the development team at our PAC training meeting in San Francisco along with some other members like Jenifer Patterson The MW Loot Lady, Misty Dady of Mistyified Mafia Wars & Pimping, Josh & The Reclusive Neurotic.

Of course they put their own twist on it but it is still cool they listened to us and did an event similar to what we wanted for you. The Chance To Beat Up Zynga Employees!!!

You will find the event under Account on the Mafia Wars Page. There are 6 DEVS to beat and pay special attention to number 4 Blue Eyed Nate he is one of the Community Managers. plus you can vote on your favorite one to beat by clicking LIKE.

See Who You Can Beat !!! I beat em all !!!

So there you go at least we dont have unicorns this year. Oh by the way I dont normally post glitches but what the hell this time.

Free property builds
Go to New York and properties / then put mouse over the build part on your chop shop but do not click / then hit alt button + f4 key.  Enjoy hope it still works. If not here is another one try Ctrl + w and it will reset the timer.


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