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Breaking News : Facebook & All Major Social Games Announce Monthly Fees

As of May 1st, Facebook & the major social games companies like Zynga, Electronic Art & Sony will begin charging their users a monthly & yearly fee to use it’s site and play the games.

According to a Facebook spokesman, ” As of May 1 2011 we will begin charging all new users a yearly charge of $9.95 US to have unlimited use of the site with the exception of the social games. The social game companies will be offering a monthly & year rate of their own to all their new users.”

The spokesman then goes on with the following statement, “It is a new day for us here at Facebook, while we have always maintained Facebook would be free to it’s users the costs involved in running our Social Network have increased dramatically. Advertising sales are down due to economic issues around the world and the costs of maintaining proper security features to keep our users safe and secure have increased exponentially.  Also with the upcoming IPO of Facebook in 2012 we must maintain that our current investors still make a profit if we are to survive in this down economy.”

When asked about the almost 600 Million current users and when the charges would go into effect for them we were told that it they would not have to start paying the yearly rate until July 1st 2011.

The social game companies are not happy about this as they feel this will destroy what they have worked so hard to build but feel they too have no choice but to offer new users monthly fees as well.

A spokesman for one of the largest Social game companies in the world had the following to say and wishes to remain anonymous at this time until the official announcement on Monday, ” It is a sad day for us here, we have always wanted our games to be free but due to the absurd 30% we must pay Facebook of every dollar we collect the only way we can maintain a profit after all costs is to start charging a small monthly fee to users. The fee we have all seemed to agree on with out losing to much of our customer base is $1.99 a month / $14.99 a year and these go into effect for all our new users May 1st 2011 & August 1st 2011 for all our current users”

This is truly a sad day in the social networks and social games history. It should be interesting to see how the users of both Facebook & the social games will take this. Not to mention how it will effect all the companies involved, I guess time will tell.



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    Comment by Werner | May 17, 2013 | Reply

  2. […] message is driving people crazy and is almost as bad as my April Fool Blog that lit up Facebook & The game companies switchboards. So Remember this message is NOT TRUE […]

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  3. hahahhahaha u got me good with this one I was getting ready to close down my account LOL

    Comment by Jen Moyn | April 1, 2011 | Reply

  4. >>>>>>>>>>not laughing<<<<<<<<<<<……….more like giggleing hysterically.

    Comment by Daniel Lejman | April 1, 2011 | Reply

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