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Hey Facebook Here’s How To End Chat Jacking & Curb Like Jacking

As you all know Chat Jacking & Like Jacking is all the craze by the hackers, scammers & rogue applications. They can contain malware, viruses, and an assortment of things. They can just take over your account causing havoc and mayhem for not only you but all your friends.

But the big question on everyone’s mind is how can they be stopped & what is Facebook doing to help stop it. Well it turns out they can be stopped pretty easily.

First thing is everyone needs to do is read things more carefully before they click on something. If some thing looks to good to be true it usually is. Don’t click on all these stupid links like these,  find out who viewed your profile, get 1000 Facebook credits for free, hey check out this video, win a free iPad today and the list goes on and on.

Yes some of them look real interesting and that is how they get people to click them. They appeal to the natural curiosity of us humans. And guess what they are doing a good job. I am sorry to say PT Barnum was right when he said, “A sucker is born every minute”.

If you all just stop clicking on this stuff you will not have any issues but Facebook needs to do more and unfortunately they don’t do enough.

Facebook really needs to crack down on these people and institute stronger safe guards to protect their users. But they don’t have them in place and the ones they do have don’t work  and you would think they would already have them in place by now.

According to Sophos  Naked Security, Facebook implemented some new security features to help curb the like jackings but that is really not enough in my book and from what Sophos says in the column those feature are really not doing much either.

Well Facebook here is my idea on how to stop the like jacking. First when a new page is set up do not allow it to be published right away, make the page owners wait 24 hours. This way that page can go into a queue where it can be checked out by your team and automated system. If you automated system detects something a human checks it out and makes sure it is safe. Yes this will make people mad but it will also help keep things in check.

You also make all i Frame changes to the page go through an approval process whereas the system checks the links and content to make sure it meet your terms and service. Being how you are supposed to have a crack staff there this shouldn’t be a big issue and the bottom line it will keep your users safe and they are the ones who help support your advertisers and your site.

Real simple huh? I think so and I think as long as you do a proper education program to all the users explaining why this is being don’t the backlash will be kept to a minimum. And I will get to that later.

Now on to Chat jacking, well this is a very easy thing to stop. We we all know your advertising guidelines are real strict and you require them to provide alot of information before they get put on your approved list of advertisers.

Click here to read them and you can see for yourself.

But any Tom, Dick or Harry can make an application and put it on your site without having to go through what your advertisers do. if the readers dont believe me check this out, Apps on Facebook.com & all you do is make them follow your standard terms of service.

I would think you would want them to go through the same process your advertisers have to so you could prevent rogue applications from exploiting your VALUED users and even causing havoc across your site.

And again you also need to instill a 24 hour waiting period so the applications can be checked for potential security issue and any changes to the application must go through a waiting period too.

I can almost guarantee that if these changes where implemented you would have a much more secure site. And the users and advertisers would be much happier.

Now let get to educating your users. You have a multitude of great pages that, in my opinion, probably 90% of your users don’t even know exist unless we tell them about them. Maybe it is time you took the bull by the horns and did it yourself for a change.

Try making the main ones like Facebook Security, Facebook Safety, Known Issues , just to name a couple pages, every user is a member of and give them the option to OPT OUT of being a member. This way they can be kept up to date on things and i can tell you this is one OPT OUT that I dont think anyone would really complain about.

These are real simple things that you can do to eliminate these issues and help keep your users up to date on things.

To my readers what are your thoughts on this we want to know.

Also here are some page that also help keep you up to date on the scams going around Facebook and I suggest you check them out.

AllFacebookFacecrooksScam Sniper

March 30, 2011 - Posted by | Blogs

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