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You Have Been Chat Jacked !?!?

Chat Jacking is the newest way hackers, scammers & malware distributors are attacking Facebook users these days and it is running rampant.

Chat Jacking is when a rogue application takes over your Facebook Chat and spreads malicious & infected links to all your friends.

How does this happen to you ? There are lots of ways this happens but the newest way they are going after people is that someone will click on something to win a prize, do a poll or something like that and they will ask the user to allow access to their account just like most games do. The application will ask for permission to access the users profile but it will also ask to access their chat. Once the user does that and allows it this is where the fun begins for the rogue application & developer. The links start hitting your Facebook Chat and go to all your friends and you never know it until someone tells you.

( Photo courtesy of Facecrooks )

It turns out that it is pretty easy and clever for these hackers & scammers to do because most people don’t read things they click and these rogue applications pretty much go unchecked by Facebook. Plus it is easier for them to do this than hack your account.

How can I remove this and stop it ? It is pretty easy to do so don’t panic.

The first thing to do is remove any references of the application and bad links from your profile page. Just click the X and click remove and stop the publishing rights of the links. Simple so far.

The next thing can be complicated for some who aren’t very computer savvy but it is easy to do. You need to access your privacy settings and remove the application from your list of approved Facebook applications. Go to Account which is in top right corner of every Facebook page / click Privacy Settings / Then go down to Applications & Websites and click edit settings.

( Photo courtesy of Facecrooks )

Then you will see a list of all the applications you allowed access to and just click edit settings. This will open up all the applications and now just scroll down to find the one in question click the X next to it and this message will come up.

Now click remove and the application is removed and you will get this message.

Thats it the application is removed from your Facebook account and just an FYI you can do this to other apps you no longer use to get rid of them too. As they still have access to your information even if you don’t use them anymore so why not clean it up while you are here.

Next I recommend that you now go and run your anti virus & spyware / malware removal programs you have to make sure your computer is not infected.  Now that should stop the Chat Jacking.

Just so everyone knows I dont click these links & do delete people who have been Chat Jacked or Click Jacked so I am assured that I never have to worry about anything happening to my account or my computer. So please don’t be surprised if we are no longer friends because of this.

Be sure to join our Fan Page to keep up to date on these on these security threats.  You can also check out our friends pages as they will also keep you informed too Facecrooks & Scam Sniper

To read more on this from some of our sources for reliable news just click on the following links:




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