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Zynga’s Poker Hacker Gets 2 Years In Prison

If you remember awhile back I told you all about someone who hacked Zynga’s Poker Game and was selling the virtual chips in the black market, well he just found out he had the Dead Mans Hand & got a 2 year prison sentence.

Ashley Mitchell, 29, of Devon England , plead guilty to five charges of hacking and theft after hacking into Zynga’s mainframe computer and stealing over $12 million of virtual poker chips late last year and selling them in the Black Market.

The judge, from Exeter Crown Court, Philip Wassall said, “The dishonesty in this case was substantial and protracted. Online  Security is a priority for everyone these days. You deprived Zynga of income. It is quite clear you used a considerable degree of expertise and persistence to hack into the system.”

Then to boot, the judge gave Michell an addition 30 weeks in prison for violating his 40 week suspended sentence he received back in 2008 for hacking into his former employer’s system.

So it goes to show you that Zynga knows what goes on with the game and they will get you, even if you are not from this country. Beware to all the hackers & loot seller’s The Dark Knight is on the job.


March 21, 2011 - Posted by | Blogs


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  2. remember, if you must hack into a secure network, do it from a nonextraditious country

    Comment by matt bolinder | March 21, 2011 | Reply

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