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Gmail Scam Email Alert !!!

To everyone who uses GMAIL please be aware there is a email going around saying it is from Google and saying you haven’t yet verified your email & is asking you to verify your email by click a link and then asks you to log- in to verify your user name & password.

Well it is a phishing scam to get access to your account. Gmail will contact you directly on your Gmail screen never in an email. The link activated my anti virus & also has no WOT ( Web Of Trust ) rating and Google has one which is green ( Trustworthy ). The link after further research brings you to an India Server and they are famous for these scams.

I have contacted a friend at Google and they have confirmed this is a scam, so now I am warning you so you dont have your account compromised or stolen from you. Google is in the process of permanently having the link disabled & site shut down to protect their members.

Below is a copy of the email that is going around and I know it is nothing new and has been going around for awhile but I decided I needed to keep us all safe and warn you about this.

Please dont fall for these scams and always keep yourself safe. If you see something like this please ignore it and then delete it.

Thank You & Be Safe

March 17, 2011 - Posted by | Blogs

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