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The 411 on How To Gain Early Access Into Brazil!!!

Here is the 411 on how to gain early access to Brazil.

Looks like they are also making a cross game promotion with Cityville to help players as well.  This Starts on 3/16/11 & just so you know Cityvill can be very addicting too.

How To Gain Early Access Into Brazil!!!

Updated 03/15/2011 at 18:40

Mafia Wars will be launching BRAZIL and wants to show everyone the way in! Review this article to find out all ways to gain early access into Brazil.

Q:  How do I ensure I gain early access to Brazil?
A:  To gain early access be sure one of the two following options has been fulfilled

1.  Purchase “Air Brazil” with Carnival Masks through the Carnival Mask Event
2. Participate in the Mafia Wars / Cityville Promotion (All requirements must be satisfied to qualify)

Q: When will the Mafia Wars / Cityville Promotion begin?
A: Starting on 03/16/11 you can visit CityVille to unlock early access to Brazil, and start experiencing all of the exciting new features!
Q:  How does this work?
A:  There will be a link provided in Mafia Wars that will take you to CityVille.  If you have met the minimum requirements in CityVille you will receive a pop-up that that will let you know that you have completed the requirement to gain early access to Brazil.

Q:  What are the minimum requirements for CityVille?
A:  In order to gain access to Brazil you must reach a minimum of level 10 in CityVille.

Q:  What happens once I have met the minimum levels in CityVille?
A:  After you receive the pop-up alerting you that you have gained entry into the beta, your neighbor bar will be populated with a Mafia Wars character.  By clicking this character you will be taken to your Mafia Wars game and into the Brazil beta.

Q:  Are there minimum requirements for Mafia Wars that must be met before this will work?
A:  Yes!  In order to unlock Brazil you need to have completed a minimum of 6 levels in Mafia Wars.

Q:  What happens if I don’t have the minimum level requirement for Mafia Wars?
A:  The pop-up that you receive in CityVille will prompt you to visit New York.  Once you have completed the minimum level requirement the Brazil beta will unlock for you if you have completed the CityVille minimum requirements.

Q:  What happens if I don’t have the CityVille application?
A:  You will be prompted to install the application.  After installing CityVille and completing 10 levels, you will receive the pop-up that you have unlocked the Brazil beta with instructions on how to proceed.

Q:  What if I already have the Air Brazil that I purchased by collecting the Carnival Masks?
A:  If you have the Air Brazil, then you have already qualified for early access into Brazil and will not need to complete the CityVille promotion to gain entry.

Q:  What if I already play CityVille and have reached the minimum requirement?
A:  If you have already reached the minimum level requirement in CityVille, your neighbor bar will automatically be populated with the Mafia Wars character.  After clicking this character you will be provided the instructions on how to proceed.

Q:  Will I see the promotional link even if I haven’t reached the minimum level in CityVille?
A:  Yes. All Mafia Wars players will see the offer to gain early access to Brazil by visiting CityVille.

Q:  I already play CityVille, but do not have a Mafia Wars account.  Can I still get into the Brazil beta?
A:  Yes.  All CityVille players will be shown the offer to gain early access to Brazil in Mafia Wars. Once you have reached the minimum requirements by reaching level 6 in Mafia Wars, you will gain entry into the Brazil beta.


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