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>Facebook Brings Back Chronological Order of Posts On Pages


Facebook has brought back chronological order to posts to all fan pages.

When Facebook changed the format of the pages during it’s beta testing period, the big change was they took away chronological order of the posts fans made and post owners made. 

What they did was make it so posts would post in the order of relevancy based on what Facebook determined was relevant not what Fan Page owners thought were relevant.

This cause quite an uproar with Fan Page Owners around the world. Facebook even held a Livestream Event with their engineers to answer questions page owners had. They never answered the questions properly and avoided the main issue of chronological order on saying that Facebook was the one to determine relevancy of posts.

A page popped up to protest this called Bring Back Chronological Posts On Pages and they garnered over 11,300 members who were sounding off about this issue.

Well it seems Facebook heard everyone and has brought it back making page owners very happy. 

Here is Facebook comment on this from Facebook Pages:

We have made updates to the Page Wall, which you will begin to see in the coming hours. You can choose to filter Posts by the Page or from everyone (both Fans and Page). People can filter posts from everyone by Top Posts, which shows most interesting stories, or Most Recent, which shows posts in chronological order. Fans can switch between views by toggling the viewing option in the top right corner of the page wall.

Now posts are back in order and they also removed the admin view & changed it to Hidden Posts (SPAM). They have also made a drop down like on our Facebook home page where we can search page for Top Posts & Most Recent

Earlier this week they changed the number of tabs showing from 6 to 8 which helps the page owners show all the content available to fans. 

Here is a quick video made by my friends over at Talking Finger  

It is nice they are getting these issues resolved before the full release on March 10th. And Kudos to Facebook for taking us page owners serious. 


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  1. >Great post, and well written! Thank you for spreading the word.Bill

    Comment by Bill DeRosa | March 2, 2011 | Reply

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