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>Mafia Wars Brings You The Big Game Event


Well we knew there had to be something coming for the big game and here it is. Just in time for the Super Bowl, starting later tonight, Mafia Wars brings you the The Big Game Gift Event
You need to collect helmets of your favorite teams and alot of them. From what Zynga has put out on the 411 about the prizes they are not that great for all the work you need to do to get these helmets. 
Everything you need to know about the event you can read below or you can go here and read it too. And if you highlight the very bottom message you will find out who the person from Zynga thinks will win. Very nice trying to hide it LMAO !!! 

The Big Game Gift Event 411 and FAQ

Updated 02/03/2011 02:19 PM
Mafia Wars The Big Game mini-Gift Event 411
Are you ready for some (American) Football?  We’re down to the final two teams for The Big Game.  Will you and your friends have what it takes to win it all?  Which team do you think will win it all – the WisconsinCheddarheads or Pennsylvania Ironworkers?
Pick a team to own (or both if you’re ambitious).  Collect 22 helmets for that team (Green Machine helmet or Steel Curtain helmet) to fill the 11 spots for the each Offensive and Defensive Teams. 
For every 11 helmets you collect for the winning team, you will receive a Victory Ring.  You can collect up to 3 sets (1 set = 22 helmets) of helmets for each team for a maximum of 6 Victory Rings for the winning team.
(Items names and attack and defense values are tentative)
Green Machine (A) 45/21
Steel Curtain (A) 21/45
Grand Prize: Victory Ring (A) 92/88
There is no limit to the number of helmets you can collect up until 3pm PST, Sunday, February 6th.  After that time, all uncollected helmets become Mystery Bags.  Helmets can be collected via free gifts, wall posts, or purchased for 1 Reward Point each.  On Monday, February 7th, players will receive automatically receive a Victory Ring for every 11 helmets they own for the winning team (up to a maximum of 6 Victory Rings)
Q: When does this event start?
A: This event starts late Thursday night, February 3rd.  As with all gift events, the release will be gradual to ensure stability.  (Not all players will have access initially)
Q: When does this event end?  What happens to unclaimed helmets when the event is over?
A: Unclaimed helmets become regular mystery bags after 3pm PST, Sunday, February 6th (before the start of the Big Game).  Victory Rings will be awarded automatically sometime on Monday, February 7th.
Q: How do I know which helmets I should collect or what the winning team will be?
A: The winning team in the Big Game event will share the same team colors as the winning team in a certain major sporting event this weekend.  You should collect the helmets of the team with similar team colors as the one you think will win that sporting event.
Q: Is it possible to collect sets of helmets for both teams?
A: Yes.  This would be one way to ensure you receive Victory Rings no matter the outcome of the game.
Q: Is it possible to collect more that 66 helmets for a single team?
A: Yes, as long as they are collected before 3pm PST, Sunday, February 6th.
Q: I have to collect 132 helmets in less than 3 days?!  That’s going to be really hard!
A: This is by design.  We purposely want players to commit to a team in order to have the best chance of collecting 3 full sets for the winning team.  You will only have needed 66 helmets if you correctly predicted the winning team.
Q: If I only collected helmets from the team that lost, can I still receive Victory Rings?
A: Unfortunately, no.
Q: How can I follow the progress/status of the game?
A: The sporting event is typically televised and sports websites online can also be checked.
Q: This event is so easy, the Wisconsin Cheddarheads are going to win because they have a great offense!
Q: This event is so easy, the Pennsylvania Ironworkers are going to win because they have a great defense!
Q: This event is so easy, I already know who’s going to win.
A: We like your confidence.  Good luck in collecting sets of helmets!  If you know the outcome of the game, you can anonymously submit your tip to betthefarmonit@zynga.com*.
Customer Support is not authorized to offer any compensation for players who are not American football fans or take offense with cheese, steel, men in tights, witty commercials, bad commercials, or allusions to real world sporting events.  If you have any feedback or opinions about this event, please visit – http://getsatisfaction.com/mafia_wars/
*betthefarmonit@zynga.com is not a real email address.  Please don’t actually submit tips to it, or bet the farm on your pick. 🙂
Go Steelers!


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  1. >we have not received the grand prize it is feb.07th 2:13 pm eastern time ……

    Comment by Anonymous | February 7, 2011 | Reply

  2. >OK. I collected the sets of helmets for both teams…. But, I HAVE NO RING!!! WHERE´S MY GRAND PRICE???

    Comment by Anonymous | February 7, 2011 | Reply

  3. >Thank you – again- you have provided an awesome service to MW fans :)) Gotta run now… have 132 helmets to collect (ugh) LOLz

    Comment by Anonymous | February 4, 2011 | Reply

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