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>Italy’s Regions 6,7 & 8 Are Finally Coming Next Week !!!


Well looks like Italy is scheduled to come out next week either Tuesday or Thursday according to the Zynga Customer Support page. 

They are going to be doing a preview week this week, each afternoon PST of special factoids on the new districts and a contest to win 10 RARE new Italy items of the most popular region chosen by taking a survey on Survey Monkey, starting this Friday that runs through the weekend. I guess they think we have time for this.    

Here is the information that is available on the customer service page I have reprinted it below but you can get there by clicking here

Italy Regions 6-8 Preview Week

Updated 01/18/2011 02:14 AM
Rumors are being spread by the Mafia throughout Italy, from Roma to Napoli.  They whisper in anticipation of upcoming new Regions.  They speculate about new jobs and new loot. 
You’ve waited patiently for three months.  During this time, you’ve seen a new New York property – Private Zoo, the introduction of Operations and Missions, various limited time events, a new Challenge Mission, an updated layout for the Home and Inventory Pages, and the Grand Opening of Trader Goh’s Pawn Shop.  And now, it’s time to complete Italy.  This week is officially Italy Regions 6-8 Preview Week. 
Each day (afternoon PST), we will reveal various factoids about Italy Regions 6-8.  In addition, we will be running a survey all week and a contest that starts Friday and runs throughout the weekend.  The winner of the contest will receive 10 free rare loot items from the most popular region chosen in the survey.
Without further ado …
Monday Factiods
The three Region names are Calabria, Citta del Vaticano, and The Eternal City.
There is one new Property – Nightclub.
The three Bosses are Don Messino, Commandant Ebersold, and Don Rafael Di Rossi.
Tuesday Factoids
Amount of New Loot, their categories and rarities.
Wednesday Factoids
Energy, Social, and Fight job quantities, and the names of consumables needed.
Thursday Factoids
Mastery item categories and their attack and defense stats.
Friday Factoids
Job names for the most popular Region in the survey.
Link to forum thread for contest entries.
Item names for that Region’s common and common Loot items.
Monday (24th) – Official Mafia Wars Italy Regions 6-8: 411, Factoids, and FAQ
Please Note – Click Here for ITALY Regions 1-5 – 411, Factoids, and FAQ
If you have any feedback or opinions about Italy Regions 6-8, please visit –http://getsatisfaction.com/mafia_wars/
The survey is located here – http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/mw_italyregions678


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  1. >This is very interesting, and thank you very much for posting it. But I must admit that one thing has me very perplexed. Commandant Ebersold. Really? Commandant Ebersold?? Is that the name they came up with after months of planning and waiting? We couldn't have the obvious Generale Penenorme? No. Commandant Ebersold.First of all, the term "Commandant" hasn't been used since the British tried to occupy India. It's only used by Anglo-speaking nations, and nowhere in Italy. But I digress. Let's look at Ebersold. I looked up the Genealogy of that surname, and the only information I could find was someone named Ebersold lived in Wisconsin and had relatives that came over from Switzerland. I know that Italy and Switzerland share a common border, but here are like HUGE mountains that separate the countries. I want to know who at Zynga came up with that one. As Sheldon Cooper would say, "Ba-ZINGA!" And I say, "Long Live Generale Penenorme!!"

    Comment by Anonymous | January 19, 2011 | Reply

  2. >Well let us pray that they Roll this out on Time!!

    Comment by Tom | January 18, 2011 | Reply

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