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>News On Your Grand Prize Christmas Item


If your like me you probably didnt get your Grand Prize Item Auld Sang Lyne for having the 45 gifts under your Christmas Tree. Well it seems we are not alone and Zynga has issued the following statement on it. 

It seems we will have to wait to get it but you can also put in a ticket into customer support so they also have a record. What you dont know how to make one ???

Here is the email address to contact Zynga Customer Support, please include your name and Facebook ID along with what has happened and what you need done and they will get back to you in about 24 to 72 hours. They have gotten alot better with their customer support so I hope this helps. 

Email mafia wars support


To see what they had to say click here. 

Auld Sang Lyne Grand Prize Item

Updated 01/01/2011 10:07 AM
Happy New Year Mafia Players! Mafia Wars experienced a small problem and a group of players have indicated they did not receive the Auld Sang Lyne Grand Prize after completing the ‘No Crime Like The Present’ event with a full tree of 45 presents. At this particular moment the Customer Support team is not authorized to issue credit of the Auld Sang Lyneitem.
The Mafia Wars development team is reviewing this problem and will be devising a plan to credit this item to players who maintained a full tree of 45 presents on New Year’s Day. Please revisit this article for updates on how this problem will be handled and resolved.

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