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>Time To Compile The Bugs & Glitches Again


Back in September Bossy Don Bossy of  TopMafia.info – Adds, Invites, Tips, Tricks, etc asked each and every Player to help compile a list of bugs for Zynga’s forums, Overall it was a massive success, 160 Replies to the thread (few of which ACTUALLY came from Zynga) and over 14K Views, and a few items ticked off the list by Zynga as it was fixed or improved on, But its time to do it again. 

This time Zynga has asked that the posts be Split into Bugs AND Suggestions, so here they are again, asking that please everyone read through what’s been posted already, and if you have any comments/ideas/suggestions please reply in the thread, it will be going Live on Zyngas forums in the next few days. 

Thank You Don Bossy for all the hard work you do to help players everywhere. This was written by Bossy Don. WTG. 

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November 6, 2010 - Posted by | Blogs

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