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>Facebook Pet Rescue Page Saving Pets Lives


There are so many pages on Facebook about nothing but here is one that is that actual is saving lives of abandoned pets in shelters accross the nation & here in the Tampa Bay area. 
The page is called Pet Rescue and what they do is go to various kill shelters and various pet shelters sites around the country and find animals that are on the verge of being killed due to overcrowding at these various shelters and try to find good homes for them before it is too late.
Each year millions of unwanted animals die needlessly and what this Facebook page is doing is comendable by all standards. The page just started yesterday has already saved a few animals around the country.
But they need your help to save more and get the word out. They are not asking for donations but they are asking that if you can find it in your heart to adopt one of these pets or know someone who can, will you please let them know to come to this site and help save an unwanted or abandoned pet.
Here in Pinellas County we are fourtunate enough to be in a no kill county & the Pinellas County Animal Services has many cute and cuddly animals that need homes. So locally you can check them out and find the one thats best for you and your family.
I know alot of my readers are from here but a majority of you are all over the country and I ask you all if you can give a home to a pet in need then check out Pet Rescue on Facebook. Make a difference and save a pets life today they are why not you. 
Reprinted with permission from Examiner.com

November 5, 2010 - Posted by | Blogs

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