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>The InfinityMW Toolbar version 7


This out from The Infinity Clan. 

(31 Oct 2010, Cyberspace) – The Infinity Clan is pleased to announce the public release of the InfinityMW Toolbar version 7! http://infinitymwtoolbar.com Available now at no cost for all players regardless of clan affiliation, our seventh iteration comes after 18 months of diligent updates and community support. 

Since May 2009, the Infinity Clan has been driven to produce excellent tools and resources for the MafiaWars community. Our tools are used by millions of people every day and the http://www.facebook.com/pages/InfinityMW-Toolbar/119433159627 InfinityMW Toolbar Facebook Fan Page is well over 30,000 strong, making our toolset by far the most widely utilized and a contender to Zynga’s own toolset. 

This release covers Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, Flock, & Comet Bird on OSX (Mac), Windows (XP, Vista, & Seven for both x86 & x64 systems), and most Linux distros. Tools are compliant with LasVegas & Italy updates, and include tools to assist with robbing, parts collecting, and building loot among other features. 

Toolbars in general have a bad rap, and with good reason. The majority of them contain undesirable “features” that prey on your data, and their usefulness is often light at best; we are not one of those, you won’t find any scam here. Like always, you can rest assured the InfinityMW Toolbar gathers absolutely no data on you (for sale or otherwise), serves NO advertising, nada. The only data that ANY version of the toolbar provides is the raw number of users and number of folks using individual components of the toolbar (for improvement purposes) and nothing individual. The download is guaranteed virus free & TRUSTe Certified. A full privacy policy http://infinityclanmafiawars.com/index.php?showtopic=319 is available here for your perusal. 

Among the chief constituents of the toolbar are numerous “one-click” scripts that perform actions otherwise inaccessible. For example, there is a tool to switch between someone’s Facebook and MafiaWars profile, tools to collect gifts and boosts, analyze equipment, tools to assist with Facebook feeds, gifting and mafia tools, and MUCH MUCH more (over 100 in all!) Of course, there is a replacement for the “mini-pack” featured in Zynga’s toolset as well. 

There are also numerous apps that are not restricted to MafiaWars including a killer FB app, radio, television, email, weather, and news among many others! Other features include links and resources for MafiaWars including popular sources of news. Individual components of the toolbar can be removed at will by the user in the options, found in the far left drop menu; many new components, widgets, and tools not included by default are available to be added by the user as well, making the toolset very customizable. 

When you hover your mouse over a tool or app, additional information pertaining to the use of it appears for your convenience. Please note that a new app, HotSpot Shield (a proxy), will serve banner ads when utilized… the purpose of this tool is to secure a browsing session & obscure your IP address when you feel necessary (for example, when Zynga makes a feature in-game that is restricted to the international players).

The Infinity Clan would like to thank our loyal fan base and generous contributors for making our work a reality, as we often outsource certain aspects of development. We’d also like to thank all those that participated in alpha & beta testing; we look forward to serving up more exclusive tools and features in the really near future


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