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>The Mafia Wars Forums Get A Makeover

>As you know Mafia Wars has it very own forum. It can be found by moving you mouse over the help button and scroll down to the forum tab and click it. It will bring you to the forum and then you can log in by either creating your own username and password or just use the Facebook connect button, which is easier, and you will be logged in and be able to create you own profile.

Now I know for most who already know about the forums it was a nightmare in the past. Everything was just a jumble of things and hard to find the topic on your issue. And the communication from the moderators and community managers was very bad to say the least. Well Nate, Jill and the rest of the moderators and managers have worked very hard to clean it up and have it very organized. They are now becoming more involved and interactive with the users. They are trying to help get you answers to your issues in a much more timely fashion they are also utilizing the other community member to help out as well.

I have to be honest with you all, I was like most of you, I dreaded going there and hated the lack of communication but know after working with Zynga on various issues I have found myself back at the forums and liking what I am seeing from them.

They are working hard to help the users again, they are working with us in the media to get issues resolved, and we are also stepping up and going to the forum to help get you answers and we are getting them. Don’t think you are going get an instant answer cause sometimes you wont but you will be answered in a much more timely fashion that before and if you don’t you can contact me directly and I will do everything in my power to help.

For those of you who never used the forums let me give you a quick overview of what is there. Here is a screen shot of what it looks like Section By Section starting with the General Section :

  • You Have The Mafia Wars News and Announcements. You can get the latest news and updates about Mafia Wars here. (This section is read only)
  • Then we have The Developers Section. This section is reserved for Developer Topics. Mafia Wars players can not start topics but can respond to official topics created by the Mafia Wars Team. 
  • Next is the Suggestions Section. This where you can leave all your suggestions for the game they only ask that you are respectful and dont post any links or they will be deleted and you can be warned for it & if you are abusive they will remove you from the forum. 
  • You now have the Mafia Wars Discussion section. This is where you can come and post topics and discuss things with other players. Can be very useful tool if you need answers.
  • Finally the last section of the general section is the Speakeasy. This is where you can come talk about things that are not Mafia Wars related just a general chat area. 

Ok Now on to the next sub topic GAME PLAY: 

  • The first thing is FAQ this is reserved to the managers so they can give you important information happening now. 
  • The next topic is the New Player Training Grounds. You can come here to learn how to play the game and there is plenty of good information here to help all you NEWBIES as us veterans call you. And if you dont see what your looking for and someone will respond to try and help you. 
  • They then have the Gift Giving section. This is a place to come and meet with other players to try and trade with them to get help make your character stronger. There are rules here and you should read them first. 
  • Then Finally they have the ADD ME Section. And that is just what it sounds like a place to get more players for your mafia.

And Finally we get to the last Sub Section called SUPPORT.

  • The first section you will see is Known Issues. This is where they will announce any know issues with the game to keep you up to date.
  • They the have Support by Users For Users. You can come here to try and get answers from other players to your game issues. Alot of times issues with the game can be resolved without the help of Zynga and there are plenty of topics here to try and help you. 
  • They then have Mafia Wars Game Updates. This is where you can go to get the latest information on the game updates and see what other players are saying and you can feel free to chime in as well. 
  • Finally they have the Bug Reports. This forum is moderated. You may post your bug reports so that moderators, administrators and developers may see them but other users will not be able to see them unless they are approved. They may be open to discussion by a moderator. Off topic posts and discussions will not be allowed here.
So there you have it the forum in a nutshell. There are many other features such as At the top you will see tabs where you can check out the various social groups on the forum, find friends, search for only new posts, search for specific topic on the forum as well as a quick link drop down to find todays post edit your profile and other good stuff.

So I think it might be a good time to try and give the forums a look at and utilize them. Zynga is saying they want to be more interactive with us all and from what I am seeing so far is that they are serious. And this is the easiest way to communicate with them as they cant give everyone One on One support or nothing would ever get fixed or done. Check out the newly remodeled forum I think you might be surprised.

October 5, 2010 - Posted by | Blogs


  1. >Zynga is a business and like many businesses, they are in it for profit.. which means they will deliver to you by trying to make the greatest profit with the least amount of expense, that is typical business…. Some are just more efficient at it than others I guess…. I have yet to receive good customer service from Zynga.. are their reps polite to me? YES, do I get lost in the system? yes. Do I have several issues with problems my game play is having? YES ad t is the pain threshold that Zynga has over us. See it is more painful to have to go thru tons of red tape, getting the run around than it is to just deal with teh problems you r game has. Mine has so many the decision is do I continue to play or just all together quit, it isnt fun any longer. That appears to be the position of many older players who have had to deal with stuff and gone thru much of the growing phases of Zynga… Quiting is less painful now than trying to get something fixed and then get less than expected.I cant even go on my own acct cuz my pw doenst match what I have… and when they say they send me a pw change to my emailbox, i NEVER ARRIVES! When I ry to talk to Zynga rep on skype and leave them all he info, they never acknowledge my problem…….. When I ddi get thru, tons of tickets would be opened, and at different phases and things sent to different departments, etc… and it all gets lost……typical experience wtih Z. Unfortunate………… and to boot, i cant even buy points of any kind regardless of what I do, you think they are losing money? So no, I dont think Zynga is focusing on the REAL issues and trying to help, they are focusing on the superflous issues, lets dress it up a little.

    Comment by Anonymous | October 6, 2010 | Reply

  2. >pls remove the ban from my IP i promise i'll be good.. i just want to share some insights and latest information on the forum. Note: i was banned by Windrazor but i cant figure out how to contact him.

    Comment by Momochi Zabuza | October 5, 2010 | Reply

  3. >You can promote them all you like, and just maybe Zynga is not a group of demons from hell, but I will say this much…I have formally contacted Zynga about various issues of the past 2 months.Went through the proper channels, give all the proper information and more, use polite and proper wording, ect…Out of the 10 times I have contacted them, I have received no help what_so_ever, and not even a hint of reply that they even got my messages.Sure, I have the special codes they give you when you contact them, but are useless when they won't even give you the time of day.They want to do what they want to do, and in my opinion, catering to the players needs is simply a smokescreen. They can say "we are here for you", and it sounds good, but they do not deliver on their promise.Like a used car dealer shouting from the side of the road… come on in for the best deal in town… but there is no best deal, only lies and deceit.[/end_rant]

    Comment by Anonymous | October 5, 2010 | Reply

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