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>Exciting News From The Facebook & Zynga Podcast


As you know My wife Joanne and I have our own Podcast called “The Facebook & Zynga Podcast” that we host every Monday evening at 6PM ET / 3PM PT. Here is the link to our show http://www.blogtalkradio.com/john-sweeney-jr This link has all the shows we have done and even shows all the upcoming shows.
On Monday the 27th we had Nate one of the community managers from Zynga on the show who was kind enough to answer some questions we had as well as talk to some of the listeners. Please tune into that and see what he had to say 
We do this show to try and keep you properly informed on what going on with Facebook & Zynga Games. This show is a LIVE call in show where, you the listeners can call in and try to get answers to any questions you may have in regards to Facebook & Zynga Games. We dont hold back on things so if something needs fixing we say it and if they deserve kudos we give it. 
We will be having some very exciting things happening over the next few weeks. First off we hope to have our web site completely done for all of you to enjoy. We will have the player on the site to listen to the shows, a forumn so you can tell us what your concerns are and what you need answers on, a chat feature so you can all talk to each other on the site, and much much more. So look for that in about a week and a half. The link is http://www.thefacebookandzyngapodcast.com/ 
We are also in the process of finalizing some deals with some sponsors to bring you some great giveaways and contests. You will have a chance to win some really great prizes. You will see that on our new website and on our Fan page http://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Facebook-Zynga-Podcast/145826638767230?v=wall  So I encourage you all to join our fan page to keep up to date on whats going on and dont be shy share the page with your friends too. Just click the LIKE button and you are a member. Our Fan page is called The Facebook & Zynga Podcast and we post all kinds of information to keep you safe and informed plus we have jokes to brighten your day. So I guess it is really a FUN page as well.
We also have a FREE toolbar that you can use on Internet Explorer Or Firefox (we are working on one for Chrome users as well)  for members of The Facebook & Zynga Podcast. It has A link to log into Facebook plus a mini Facbook page link so you can keep up & even chat while surfing other sites, Zynga Games, Twitter, You Tube, HULU TV, Skype, And We ALSO Have our own chat room so you can talk to fellow users & other gadgets & other games. Plus it has A radio on it so you listen to your favorite music & podcast while online & playing games or surfing the web. And It is All FREE & Safe. Get it Today !!!! http://YourPodcast.OurToolbar.com/
We also have a chat room that you can be part of on Skype, just send me your Skype contact and I will bring you in. My Skype contact is johnsweeney65 
And finally we will be coming out with show gear like T-Shirts, Hats, Mouse Pads, Key chains and other fun stuff so look for that as well in the next few weeks. 
On Behalf of myself and Joanne we want to thank you for making us a success and for your continued support. We look forward to growing with your continued support and look for some great guests coming on in the next few weeks. We are talking to Zynga and Facebook to try and get them to come on the show at least once a month to keep us all updated and answer your questions. 
Thank You All 
John Sweeney 
Joanne Sweeney

September 30, 2010 - Posted by | Blogs

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