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>Facebook Has A Major Issue With Facebook Credits That Could Leave You Vulnerable to Hackers !!!

Facebook has a major issue issue with their Facebook Credit System that can affect you if your account is ever hacked.

Alot of you have seen this message going out to the various clans and on peoples profiles :

The last method of payment you used to purchase RPs from Zynga has been AUTOMATICALLY saved in Facebook!

This method will be used to pay for any RP purchases you make, and you do not get to verify anything before it is used. It will not even direct you to PayPal to verify the payment — it is automatically authorized.

To delete these payment methods:

1) Go to Facebook Account, Account Settings
2) Click the “Payments” tab
3) Click the “manage” out beside “Payment methods”

If you used a credit card, there will be credit card information listed. If you used PayPal, at the bottom it indicates the email address used for your PayPal account.

YOU MUST DELETE THIS!!!! If someone hacks your Facebook account, they can now make Facebook-related purchases automatically without any additional approval or passwords needed! I assume you will need to delete this information after every Zynga purchase.

Well this as it turns out is more serious that what it says. Yes, your information is saved after every purchase and you will need to delete it, if you can. Most people have been able to remove it on their own. But if you dont remove it, you will leave yourself vulnerable to any hackers who get into your Facebook account.

It seems all reward points purchases made BEFORE Zynga’s recent 1 day blow out sale are SAFE, these where handled by Zynga directly. All purchases made afterwards where made through Zynga then converted into FB Credits, then Back into RP and this is how Facebook has gathered your details

BUT, and this is where the scary part comes in. If you used that credit card or paypal info to purchase an ad on Facebook for one of your pages then you are out of luck.

You can NOT remove your credit card info you will get this message :

Unable to remove this credit card because it is the primary funding source for your Facebook Ads account. To remove this card, you must first change your primary funding source from the Ads Manager. You may also close your Facebook Ads account to stop all advertising and remove all cards from your account.

Ok now when you try to remove your Facebook Ads account you will get this message :

This is your primary funding source. We will attempt to bill invoices against your primary funding source first. However, in the event that a payment fails, we will attempt to bill other funding sources associated with your account.

You cannot edit or remove your primary funding source. In order to remove this funding source, you must first make another funding source the primary source. To edit the billing details for this source, add it again and then remove the original entry for the funding source.

And this is even if that card expired you cant remove it with out giving them another one. So as you can see once again Facebook has left you vulnerable to hackers and they have refused to contact me or comment on this issue after numerous attempts. REAL NICE FACEBOOK.

They have once again let you, their VALUED user, exposed to the elements and with this open graph of theirs Hackers are becoming more of an issue everyday.

And this is not only isolated to Zynga but every social game, and Facebook credits purchase you make. Yes Every One. So you are at their mercy once again.

There are also reports of peoples accounts being double and tripled billed for purchases they never made.

So the bottom line here is that I am recommending that you be very careful with any game purchases or any purchases on Facebook for now. Until they address this issue and eliminate the bugs and allow your credit info to be completely removed with no restrictions I say dont buy anything on Facebook, if you need to buy game credits get a game gift card and enter it on the games site as that is still safe. And if you must make purchases through the game remember to remove that info so just in case a hacker does get hold of your Facebook account they dont get your credit card info too.

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  1. what if zynga hacked my acct and banned with no violation because of big amount of chips, zynga cannot even give any proof of evidence.

    Comment by ana | November 14, 2017 | Reply

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