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>Zynga Screws Up Again & Facebook Info About Disabling Accounts

Alot of news and crap going on this week with both Facebook & Zynga. So lets get right to it.

First off Facebook & Zynga Signed a new 5 yr agreement. So 5 more years of bugs, glitches and headaches. http://www.zynga.com/about/article.php?a=20100518 But at least this dispels the rumors of Zynga leaving anytime soon.

While Zynga will probably make ZyngaLive a reality one day and the move games there it wont happen anytime soon. This will also give them a chance to put it together properly and switch games over to Java based games instead of Flash based, if they were smart but based on their programmers work I would say it is a big if.

Zynga also did another update and just totally screwed it up. This has got to be the worst update I have ever seen them do. I am telling you they could mess up a wet dream.

This update screwed everything up. From removing reward points, not being able to accept or send gifts, not being able to help your friends on jobs, you name it it was screwed up. So what do they do they roll it back to and I quote “ Each of these accounts have been tracked and restored to a back up copy that was clean of any glitch possibilities” Now I ask you when have you ever seen a version that was clean of any glitches??? And I still dont see peoples accounts back to normal as on my forum page you are still seeing everyone complain. So Zynga you screwed up again !!!! Fix The Damn Glitches NOW!!!!

I was asked by Zynga to create a Top 10 List of the major issues our forum and players are having across the board and they will try and get those issues fixed or at least give us an answer on when they will be fixed. I send it today and see what happens. I just hope I dont get politician style answers or what is known as double talk.

I dont know about you, but Zynga says they have the best programmers in the world but all I see is incompetence. They have more coding issues than any company I have ever seen. If they are so good why do we have so many simple glitches ? Oh I know to piss us off.

Ok enough on Zynga lets get to Facebook. Now we have all seen by now the new privacy changes Facebook has come out with and there are more coming per Mark Zuckerberg In Monday”s Washington Post http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2010/05/23/AR2010052303828.html

There are ways to fix your privacy settings that that is safe and effective and has gotten good reviews from site like CNET. There is a program called SaveFace http://www3.untangle.com/saveface what it does is give you the option on who sees what on your profile whereas Facebook lets everyone see it. It will automatically set all your settings so only your friends on Facebook can see things. It shuts out the outside world & they cant see your wall only your friends can see what you post. One thing you need to do is change a couple of things from the privacy settings tab such as add as a friend so you can add friends. This works really good for me and it is FREE. Just a suggestion to combat Facebook’s policy of opting out of thing instead of letting you opt into what the world sees.

Now something I was told by a Facebook manager off the record. You may have noticed alot of accounts being disabled lately. Mainly for over posting but how do you know if you are over posting they never tell you till it is too late. Well here is what he said to me off the record of course!!! You only get 500 posts a day (24HRS) that includes posting on your walls, comments to friends, likes of pages, inboxing your friends or groups and yes even game related posts such as you iced so and so or you leveled up or even you need help on a job.

Yes all of that counts as a post. and when you get the box that says you are do some something that is being consider abusive or what is commonly know as “The Pink Box” it means you are 10 posts away from being temporarily or permanently disabled. He says if you get that message do not post again for 24 full hours and that is when the server resets itself and you can start posting again with no problem but still have the 500 post limit.

WOW !!!! Now a temporary disabled account can stay that way for anywhere from 8 hours to 30 days. Computers choice. Yes, the computer, it randomly decides it. But if you email Facebook this can be sped up to get you back online quicker as they need to manually override the system and they want a good reason to do this so sob stories help your cause and friends emailing them on you behalf helps too. http://www.facebook.com/help/contact.php?show_form=disabled and you should also hound them with emails from yourself and your friends telling them why your account should be restored and be respectful. Here are the email addresses and include your facebook id with each email. Mail at least 2 a day if you give up after a few days you dont have a chance.

info@facebook.com , disabled@facebook.com , appeals@facebook.com
privacy@facebook.com, abuse@facebook.com; warning@facebook.com
customerservice@facebook.com, appeals+du6z2ux@facebook.com;
appeals+njgts3g@facebook.com; appeals+n3nnq8q@facebook.com;
appeals+d256dyy@facebook.com; abuse+nmve3is@facebook.com;
appeals+nbv83tq@facebook.com; legal@facebook.com

Now On a permanently disabled account it is much harder but use the same process. How can you tell the difference you cant. Only Facebook can answer that one and wont reveal it to me at least. But he does say say fight and have your friends fight for you. Petition groups help also so does an outside petition signed by your friends on the web.

They do have have plans to expand that to 1000 posts a day but we will see. They also said once they were going to expand our friends to 10,000 but that never happened. They have also mentioned they are probably also going to be adding a separate news feed for just gaming posts as they have become so popular and again we will see.

You got to remember Facebook doesn’t really care what we think or what anyone else does including the government. Why ? Because the internet hasn’t been fully regulated and there are so many legal grey areas they can get around almost anything. Plus the fact they are a private company so they only have to answer to their investors and as long as they are making money the investors are happy and dont really care what they do. In Mark Zuckerberg’s mind the old movie line from Wall Street is his motto ” Greed is Good ” & the same goes for Zynga.

Well thats all I got for now I hope it helps. Just so you all know I dont work for either company nor do I want to. I am just trying to let them know our feelings and concerns. I am just trying to help get our voice heard. I do not claim to have all the answers because I dont I wish I did. They do watch my group on Facebook the Facebook & Zynga Forum http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=108145119228584&v=wall and I am told they do take some our ideas and do try to fix what they can. Well at least Zynga does. Maybe they will one day get it right but for now lets make our presence know and tell them how we feel. The bigger we are the more we will be listened to. So please let all your friends know about the group and to post the issues they are having BUT I do ask you keep it clean no cursing and no personal attacks on anyone I will delete those posts as we do have kids who post on that site. Lets all act like adults and show our intelligence and frustration with them.

Thank You All

John Sweeney

May 24, 2010 Posted by | Blogs | 1 Comment